Just out from Trip Advisor, the top 25 destinations to visit both domestically and globally for the past year have been chosen.  Their choices are based on quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants and attractions.  So…if you’re favorite city is not listed you need to get busy and go on Trip Advisor and review!trip-advisor-615cs072512

“These world-class destinations chosen by our community are rich in history, culture and beauty and offer endless sights to explore,” Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for Trip Advisor, said in a written statement.

Here at Holiday Travel, we encourage our clients to give us reviews when they return from their travels. Unfortunately (which doesn’t happen very often!) most reviews that are passed on are negative. While it is important to consider things that are wrong or not quite up to snuff, it’s also important to pass on good observations. Did you find a neat restaurant or hole-in-the-wall café in a big city or on a road trip? Was there a really comfortable, cozy, and surprise accommodation on your travels?  And, believe it or not, right here in your home town there are great restaurants, excellent services in hotels and interesting things to do that, if you don’t send in a review, no one knows. If you’re a business owner in the hospitality industry you should toot your own horn and encourage your customers to do likewise. Give them a card that tells them how!

review bubbleSo, here is the current list.  Agree or not…it shows that some of these places are surprises. So what’s the surprise? Why did they get ranked so high? Perhaps there are neat things to see and do in just about any place in the world and it’s worth investigating! And, perhaps, this list will add some more places to your bucket list, worth exploring and worth a second glance.

Happy Exploring!

Top 25 domestic destinations

1. New York City
2. Chicago
3. Charleston, S.C.
4. Las Vegas
5. Seattle
6. San Francisco
7. Washington, D.C.
8. New Orleans
9. Palm Springs
10. San Diego
11. St. Louis
12. Sedona, Az.
13. Honolulu
14. Miami Beach, Fla.
15. Branson, Mo.
16. Boston
17. Savannah, Ga.
18. Orlando
19. Portland, Ore.
20. Lahaina, Hawaii
21. St. Augustine, Fla.
22. Nashville
23. Los Angeles
24. San Antonio
25. Austin

Top 25 international destinations

1. Marrakesh, Morocco
2. Siem Reap, Cambodia
3. Istanbul
4. Hanoi, Vietnam
5. Prague
6. London
7. Rome
8. Buenos Aires
9. Paris
10. Cape Town, South Africa
11. New York City
12. Zermatt, Switzerland
13. Barcelona
14. Goreme, Turkey
15. Ubud, Indonesia
16. Cusco, Peru
17. St. Petersburg, Russia
18. Bangkok
19. Kathmandu, Nepal
20. Athens
21. Budapest
22. Queenstown, New Zealand
23. Hong Kong
24. Dubai
25. Sydney