We Are Here To Serve You

We would love to help you plan and fulfill your travel dreams, cross off those items on your bucket list, or help you start a new dream!
Cruises…Tours..Ski…Scuba…Golf…Shopping…Historical…Pilgrimage…Romantic Getaway…Family Reunion…you name it, we’ll help you plan it!
We are the only full service travel agency in Angelina County. We are members of the American Society of Travel Agents, IATA, and NFIB. Our staff also consists of a Certified Travel Consultant and a Certified Scuba diver! We do independent and group travel, custom itineraries and specialty trips. Customer care doesn’t end with the purchase. Our customers are like family to us and we want them to continue to rely on us for their travel needs!


Who We Are

Our Company Mission
Our mission at Holiday Travel is to help you plan your dream vacation and enjoy your time away so much that you can’t wait to do it again!
Why Use A Travel Agency
This is a question we get a lot. The travel industry is a service industry. Just like a waitress who takes your order so you can sit back and relax and enjoy your meal, we are here to serve you! We take the time that you don’t have to research options, various locations, flights and resorts to find the best fit for your desires. This research comes in the form of hands on experience. Our agents are world travelers and visit the most popular vacation spots, tour resorts, and sail away on cruise ships-all so they can report back the details to their clients, present and future!  
The Holiday Travel Promise
We promise to find you the best vacation to fit your budget and schedule! We are here to tend to the details so that you can enjoy your vacation from start to finish.
We Deliver On Dream Vacations
From New York to Hawaii, Belize to Cabo San Lucas, Alaska to Brazil, Jamaica to Australia, and London to Jerusalem, our agents have “been there, done that” and can tell you great places to stay, eat, explore and relax. We love to share our adventures with you and hear about yours when you return.  Stay tuned for customer testimonials on our page soon!