Combine your love of travel with your desire to make a difference.

Welcome to a whole new kind of travel. And to a whole new kind of travel company.

A Fathom social impact voyage to the Dominican Republic is travel with purpose. Travel with meaning. Travel that gives you and your fellow travelers the opportunity to have a genuine impact on the well-being of the people you’ll meet. During your time on shore, you’ll work directly alongside the people of the Dominican communities surrounding the quiet port of Amber Cove, as you focus together on economic, environmental and educational projects that can make a lasting difference in their lives.

Travel that transforms things. Sometimes including you.

The Dominican Republic is a country of great beauty. But it’s also a country of great need, with some 40% of its residents living below the poverty line and more than three million people having no access to piped water.

Fortunately, the country also has a strong and deep-rooted infrastructure for transformation. As a Fathom traveler, you’ll work alongside established impact partners and local residents on projects as varied as reforestation efforts, bringing clean drinking water to local communities, improving English skills to help create new employment opportunities, or participating with women’s co-ops in efforts to improve the economic well-being of Dominican families.

In your free time, there are tropical beaches to sink your bare toes into. Restaurants, bars and shops to explore. A coastline and mountains to hike, or just to wander. To be sure, your commitment to having an impact is the mission that’s brought you here. But it won’t take you long to realize that the serene beauty of this place is going to have an impact on you, too.

Your Journey

Your ship sails from Miami on Sunday afternoon and will serve as a comfortable home base throughout your journey. You’ll spend Monday at sea before arriving in the Dominican Republic around midday on Tuesday. For the next three days, you’ll work alongside local people on projects that serve local community needs. On Friday begin your return voyage to Miami.

Your Home At Sea

The 704-passenger Adonia will serve as a comfortable home base throughout your trip. With restaurants. lounges, bars. pools, a spa, a state-of-the-art gym, and all the other amenities of a 21st-century passenger ship, you’ll never lack for opportunities to relax. Thoughtfully prepared, Dominican-inspired meals will nourish your body. And, of course, there’s the infinite mystery of the wide open sea around you. So your spirit gets a bit of extra nourishment too.

In addition to its built-in amenities, the Adonia was purposely chosen for this journey because it’s small enough to let you get genuinely acquainted with your fellow travelers: the people who share your commitment to meaningful travel, the people you’ll be working alongside during your time on the ground. And, for the Fathom voyager. that could be the most important amenity of all.

Social impact travel, pioneered by Fathom, is a whole new category of travel: mindful, purpose-driven, and designed to give you a genuine opportunity to make a difference in the wider world around you. The Fathom experience is grounded in the sincere belief that the person-to-person connection is among the most powerful catalysts for transformation. And that even a few days out of your busy life can have a lasting impact on the wider world we live in.

Fathom is the newest brand in the Carnival Corporation & plc family, which carries nearly 11 million passengers every year to ports around the world.

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Inside Cabins: family of 4 $2630; family of 3 $2422; family of 2 $2214

Oceanview Cabins: family of 3 $2622; family of 2 $2414

Balcony Cabins: family of 3 $3222; family of 2 $3014